Learning to live in reciprocity with nature, one garden at a time.

We work with landowners to design landscapes and management plans that enhance soil health, watershed resilience, support biodiversity, sequester carbon and produce a yield. 


My design process begins with an in-depth stakeholder survey, site observation and analysis, and soil test. My goal is to support your vision for evolving your land. Understanding that the design is only the beginning, I guide clients through phases of growth and planning for change. Your home gardens should match your personality and vision.


Growing highly productive, diversified forest gardens can take years. To be considered regenerative, there must be a focus on soil health, watershed restoration, increased biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and evolving the complex relationships between them. Caring for an evolving landscape of biodiversity requires a detailed maintenance plan, I can help.


My varied background in agricultural science education, field-ecology, horticulture, Spanish language, and social justice work have driven me to be of service by sharing my knowledge. I provide clients with individualized consultations, provide curriculum aligned with NGSS, and host workshops.

What is Regenerative Design?

We rely on the current working definition developed by the Regenesis group which states the following:

"a regenerative project seeks to build the evolutionary capability of the systems into which it is designed...In other words, regenerative projects seek to transform human communities into living systems enablers. They help lay foundations for the ongoing evolution of natural and social systems, enabling them to increase in viability and health as the world changes around them."

The four guidelines of Regenerative design are:

1) Maintain the potential for evolution.

2) Align with the wisdom of nature.

3) Define projects by their roles.

4) Grow value-generating capacity.




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