Mancos Library Garden

The Mancos Library Garden Design project has been a joy to work on in collaboration with community volunteers and the library staff. Their vision was to create a space that is more inviting, low-maintenance, producing fruits, berries, and herbs, and interactive for "science-Fridays" with local youth.

A group of master gardeners had previously done some planting on the eastern side, lots of elms, alders, and chokeberries around the drainage basin. I created a map to-scale with a plant species key to support visitors in identifying the flora. 

August 2019, we hosted our first volunteer workday to clean up overgrowth and begin building the "smile to the river" garden beds. We used donated river rock to create borders for the beds and we received discount compost from Colorado Hydroponics in Cortez.  

I continued working solo on cleaning up the river bed and building steps down the river with growing beds on contour with the slope. Before fall frosts, I planted blackberries, raspberries, strawberries violets, wild irises, succulents in the rocks, and a collection of cooking herbs, fertility-enhancing cover crops, and native wildflowers seed mixes.

Date TBD, we will be planting fruit trees and shrubs and hosting more volunteer days. Stay tuned for updates!


14985 Road 40.2

Mancos, Colorado 81328


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