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Naturalist Sessions

See the land you belong to with fresh eyes.

Tune into the rhythms, processes, and patterns unfolding in the landscape.

Customized curriculum suited to you and your place.

Do you want to...

  • Cultivate a more intimate relationship with the natural world

  • Access your inner child and follow 

  • Find connection with nature and understand your role in the ecosystem
  • Align with the wisdom of nature and support natural allies

Who is this for?


Individuals or groups who want....

  • To better understand the land they live on​

  • A more engaged and interactive landscape design process

  • To identify flora, fauna, and fungi growing on the land

  • To learn how to "read the landscape", natural processes, patterns and their implications over the seasons

  • To better understand regenerative design practice, cultivating soil health, rainwater catchment, agroforestry, composting systems, crop production, integrated pest management

  • To tap into a network of regenerative practitioners in diverse industries

  • An extensive list of resources for ongoing education

  • An ongoing mentorship focused on co-creation and evolution of abundant landscape, lifestyle, and capacity building systems. 

How does it work?

Meet with naturalist designer Michael McMillan over the period of one year for focused engagement with the land as he guides you in developing your own ecological plan for the land you love. 

Custom and flexible scheduling and pricing based on commitment levels:

*Recommend readings and homework for all levels

Naturalist Commitment Levels
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Apprentice (Quarterly Meets - once each season ~ 4 hour sessions)


Digging into all the nitty gritty details of where you live, its deep ecological past, present, and future. You will end the session series with your own design for your landscape. 

Naturalist (Monthly Meets ~ 4 hour sessions)


The naturalist program will focus on exploring the diverse plant communities, ecosystems, and geology of the high desert southwest and montane ecology. There can also be an emphasis on learning to develop your own curriculum and designing your gardens and landscape.


Ranger (Twice a Month Meets ~ 4 hour sessions)


The ranger program is the most intensive, rigorous, and thus, rewarding. Those who enroll in the Ranger program will undoubtedly cultivate the attitude of a life-long learner and immerse in the interconnected realms of ecology, agriculture, spirituality, mythology, journaling, flora and fauna sketching, garden design, tracking and hunting, and so much more. The Ranger series culminates in a full weekend backpacking trip. Signing up for the Ranger training is not a commitment taken lightly. 

Apply here
*Financial Aid, Sliding scale and scholarships available
Other Educational Offerings
Host a Workshop

I facilitate educational workshops and specialize in:


  • Regenerative agricultural practices.

  • Phases of growth to establish a forest garden.

  • Share educational resources.

  • Troubleshoot growing issues.

  • Composting systems.

  • Vermiculture systems

  • Seed saving

  • Mycology

School Visits

I am a former public school secondary science educator and have original curriculum tailored to fulfill Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). If you would like to host a classroom visit for in-depth lessons on ecology and regenerative agriculture, send an email explaining your needs to:

Visit my teaching portfolio: 

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