Sacred Song Farm Forest Gardens

I had the opportunity to design a forest garden space for a degraded lot next to the residence at Sacred Song Farm in Mancos, Colorado. They have a vision "to surround ourselves in abundance. We intend to be here for the rest of our lives. We are envisioning lots of woody perennials as well as an epic space for annuals." 



The design includes a variety of fruiting trees and shrubs, perennial greens, pollinator attractors, bird habitat, soil building shrubs, and annual vegetable beds. The garden is located on a hill so I put more drought-tolerant species at the top, and plants with higher water needs toward the bottom. 

We are in the initial stages of installing this garden space. Last fall, we were able to get the sheep on the site to graze all the weeds down and I started the initial dig for the annual garden beds.





My friends Margaret and Scott, and their daughter River own and operate this beautiful property nestled in the Mancos valley where they raise pastured meats. Learn more about their wonderful farm and ranch on their website

Initial site visit photos. A few elm trees, rose bushes, rabbitbrush, locoweed, clover, dense clay soils compacted from construction.


14985 Road 40.2

Mancos, Colorado 81328


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