Holistic Land Stewardship &

Garden Maintenance

Every garden, farm, and ranch needs the support of working hands to care for its ongoing needs. We can help!

Custom Irrigation
Custom Irrigation

No matter your irrigation needs, we can set up a custom plan to make sure everything is getting the water it needs!

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Like the nitrogen-fixing lupine, our caring stewardship team will bring longevity and vitality to your garden!

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Clients often have the most important observations about their site. We take time to listen to you so we can clearly understand your needs. We pride ourselves on great relationships with our clients.

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plans include:

  • Plant health monitoring

  • Soil health monitoring

  • Checking for early signs of disease and infestation

  • Implementing integrated pest management strategies

  • Irrigation system monitoring and adjusting

  • Organic fertilizer application as needed

  • Compost tea application as needed—for probiotic support of the plants and soil. {weekly (during establishment), monthly (ideal), quarterly (minimum)}

  • Mulching, weeding, pruning, and seasonal cutback

Our maintenance team can supplement your existing gardeners, or take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs.


Daily rate ((Two person crew $65/hr)

Full-day (6hrs) - $400

Half-day (4hrs) - $260

Seasonal Custom Irrigation Services

Support with moving side-rolls and flood/gated pipe - Call for estimate


Contact us via New Client Survey or call us at (303)842-9264 or email solsticesowndesigns@gmail.com

If we installed your landscape we can start right away with a maintenance plan and schedule our first visit. If we have never been to your site, we can schedule an initial site visit right away and develop a maintenance plan for future visits while we are there.